Phase One consultation process

During autumn and winter of 2012, Phase 1 of the RE Review entered an important stage of consultation. Interested people were invited to read the Draft Report of the Expert Panel and their thoughts and comments.  


1.  This report seeks to summarise accurately and comprehensively the perceived state of play in RE and to make recommendations for future action. Phases Two and Three will be developmental and take the review process forward.

2. The Scoping Report commissioned for the RE review proposed four foci for the review. These are:  Aims and Purposes; Curriculum; Exemplifications of Good Practice; and Assessment and  Qualifications. The REC’s Curriculum, Assessment and Qualifications Committee (CAQC) accepted  the findings of the Scoping Report, with certain modifications, and it was also approved by the REC  Board. These form the framework within which the REC RE Review operates.

3. The Phase 1 Expert Panel’s report has been put to the REC CACQ Group, which acts as Steering Group for the project (Wednesday 31st October). A wider Reference Group, including members from all the REC member bodies, considered the report at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Wednesday 7th November.

For the wider public consultation procedure, people were asked to:

1. Print or download draft 2 of the Phase 1 Expert Panel report and addendum.
2. Respond to the report in writing, in one of 3 formats:
a. By letter to the Chair of the Steering Group of the RE Subject Review for England
b. By questionnaire, available on the REC website
c. By questionnaire, following this link to Survey Monkey 

There was considerable pressure of time on the RE review process, due in large part to the financial constraints within which the REC is working. The Government has refused to fund the RE Review in the way it is funding the review of the National Curriculum, so the REC has been entirely dependent upon voluntary donations to support the process. Further information about the project as a whole is available on the REC website.

Wider public consultation took place electronically during a three week period from Monday 12th November – Friday 7th December during which individuals and/or relevant organisations could contribute their responses to the Report.